Matthew Chan’s Real Estate Transcript (Over 400+ CE credits)

I was going to update my previous real estate transcript post on earning 300+ CE credits but then I realized I would have to add to that story and worry about how it all sounds as one long narrative. The writer in me felt that too much time had passed to go back and update that story. Quite honestly, a lot has transpired since that post. So, I am writing this in the context of “today” in October 2019 although as of mid-August 2019, I crossed over and obtained 400+ real estate CE credits.

For example, I moved my real estate license from Columbus Georgia (where I positioned myself as an Investor Agent for the Columbus market) to a North Atlanta brokerage where I now focus on New Construction and New Home communities. My newer clients will be very different than in the Columbus market because I am in a very different environment with different opportunities.

Also, I have met several managing brokers in the North Atlanta area and visited many real estate brokerage offices during the last few months. That occurred organically as I attending CE classes. The CE classes have allowed me to accelerate my industry networking and obtaining industry contacts while finding out for myself which real estate brokerages are the best fit for me.

I want to say that I am actually trying to reduce the crazy amount of time I have invested into attending CE classes because I have an online marketing campaign that I am simultaneously rolling out. I certainly don’t need any more CE credits! The significance of CE credits is much lower now. After all, in Georgia, a real estate agent only needs 9-hours of CE credit per year. At over 400+ CE credits over the course of seven month, I have taken over 45 years worth of CE classes!

Then why am I still taking CE classes? Because in the metro Atlanta area, many industry experts, industry leaders, and industry pros are either teaching, hosting, or sponsoring the CE classes. These CE classes are often held at interesting venues. Oftentimes, the information is specific to the metro Atlanta market vs. the overall Georgia market. And the CE classes I attend are strategically significant for me. I have attended CE classes at some far-flung locations for the simple reason that it gives me a good reason to visit an area of metro Atlanta I have not visited before or meet people I would not normally encounter.

I know there are some who might question the unusual amount of time I have invested in CE classes vs. doing the stereotypical “hitting the streets pounding the pavement giving out business cards to everyone.” But honestly, attending these CE classes, I have been more “on the streets” this year than I have been in many years. It is often said within the real estate industry, real estate is a relationship business. Getting to know “insiders” and industry pros is immensely important to me. I have to communicate with them but I also vet them myself. As a relatively new real estate agent in a huge market as metro Atlanta, I also need to know which real estate brokerages are reputable, who owns and manages them, and how they operate because I may end up meeting and working with them as an agent representing them or on a deal representing clients.

My calendar has been full for months. It has never been so full especially since I am used to the freer and more flexible lifestyle I’ve had for years. But my schedule looks like it will be full through the end of 2019 and well into next year. As I mentioned, I crossed over 400+ CE credits in mid-August 2019. Even by reducing my attendance of CE classes, there is a strong possibility I will obtain 500+ CE credits by the end of 2019. Getting 500+ CE credits is NOT the goal. It is simply a by-product of where I have invested my time this year.

For me, being an “expert” requires putting in lots of time of ongoing learning and “showing up” in person.